Elsa Hicks, a mulatto girl v. S. Burrell and James Mitchell
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Elsa HicksElsa Hicks

SS Burrell . BurrellS Burrell . & James MitchellJames Mitchell

To the Honourable the Judge of the
St LouisCircuit Court Circuit CourtCircuit Court a supplemental
petition of ElsaElsa Hicks HicksElsa Hicks your petitioner
represents unto your honour that the Sheriff Who
has made diligent seach cannot find Burrell
one of defts in the above suit to execute process
upon that she believes he is secreting
himself for the purpose of avoiding service
by the sheriff Your petitioner states
that said Burrell attempted to take your
petitioner out of the the StateMissouri ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
on Thursday last but
that theCaptainCaptain of the
that your petitioner was entitled to his
freedom required to take her on board of
his boat That said Burrell has sinceem
ployed some persons to your petitioner
to take your petitioner or
bound of a time
to day for the purpose of taking your
petitioner out of the StateMissouri ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
& out of the jurisdiction of Your
honor & therefore your petitioner prays that your
may issue a warrant your own to the Sheriff of the St Louis County for
your petitioner & bring her
before your honor to be dealt with as the & petioner
as in duly with
&c Sworn to & subscribed this

4th day of February 1845Isaac B Thomas, Justice of the Peace
Elsa her


mark Hicks