Elsa Hicks, a mulatto girl v. S. Burrell and James Mitchell
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State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri

To the Sheriff of St. Louis County-

Whereas by the Petition of ElsaElsa Hicks HicksElsa Hicks it
is made to appear that she has instituted a suit
for her freedom in the St. LouisCircuit Court Circuit CourtCircuit Court against
SS Burrell _ BurrellS Burrell & JamesJames Mitchell MitchellJames Mitchell , which suit is
now pending & undetermined.. Whereas also
it also is made to appear from saidPetition that
said Burrel is about to remove the said
Elsa, without the jurisdiction of said Court
against her consent & Contrary to the order
of said Court. there are to Commandyou
forthwith to seize the said Petitoner if found
in your & bring her before we
all my in the Court House in
the County of St. Louis_ And also that you
summon the said Burrell & Mitchell or
[ anyother ]person in whose possesion
said Petitoner may be found_ forthwith
to appear before me at the place
afore said, then & there to bear
shall be in the or
to allow Cause against the said Petiton-

Given in
this 4th. day of February 1845.

John M KrumJohn M Krum

Judge. 8th Jud Cir. M