Elsa Hicks, a mulatto girl v. S. Burrell and James Mitchell
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In the matter of ElsaElsa Hicks HicksElsa Hicks
the Petitioner within named

It is ordered that the
Sheriff of St. Louis County take possession
of the said Elsa, & during the pendency of
her said suit for freedom to hire her
to the best advantage; And it is further
ordered that the said sheriff shall take
a good & sufficientbond from the person or
person to whom he shall hire said Elsa
in the penal sum of Five Hundred ($500.) dollars
with approved Security & Conditions as
the law .

Given under my hand this 4th, day of FebyA.D. 1845

John M KrumJohn M Krum

Judge 8th. Jud. Cir.. Mo