Gabriel, a man of color v. Andrew Christy and Mary Coons
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We the undersigned were present and witnesses
to the agreement and promises made by
the late DavidDavid Coon to Gabriel McClelland which
promise was that he the said GabrielGabriel should
have his free papers when he should repay the
money advanced by David Cerrs to said [ McClellan ] to buy GabrielGabriel from his former
Walter McClelland. Gabriel himself had
part of the purchase money and Mr DavidDavid Coons
CoonsDavid Coons lent him the balance taking as
security a bill of sale for said GabrielGabriel
from his former master McClelland and we know that he GabrielGabriel is entitled
to his free papers

signed by Geo W. Cerrs
& HughHugh Gallaghin
Original in
It is further admitted by the attorney
for the plaintiff & defendants and thereby
the foregoing statement of which the
above is a copy is the testimony
evidence in this cause and it is
further permitted by the defendants
that the plaintiff GabrielGabriel has paid
to the defendants as excutors the
sum of seventy six dollars which
was the balance due to the estate
of DavidDavid Cerris for the money ad
vanecd by said DavidDavid and they never
said GabrielGabriel as belonging to
said Estate

SpaldingSpalding & TiffanyTiffany for deft

J B Shepley Atty

for pltf