Jane M. Cray, a mulatto woman v. William R. Hopkins, et al.
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Executed this writ in the County ofCounty of St Louis St LouisCounty of St Louis by offering
to read it and the declaration to William RWilliam R Hopkins
HopkinsWilliam R Hopkins on the 25th in his own right and as guardian
for Ashley, Mary Laura Hopkins, to ElizaEliza
Miller Mary Francis and Laura G Hopkins
on the 27th day of October 1845 to Richand R
Hopkins on the 10th and to WilliamWilliam B Miller
Guardian of the said ElizaEliza on the 11th days of November 1845 and by reading it each of the defendants above
named the the order of the judge in this case
Ashley Cass Hopkins - Adelaide K Hopkins and
her guardian WilliamWilliam OliverOliver - WilliamWilliam C HopkinsHopkins Theresa
TheresaHopkins Theresa Hopkins, Mary G HopkinsHopkins - and Mary
Hopkins guardian &c not found in my

William MilburnWilliam Milburn shff

By A. C. OsburnOsburn

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