Jane M. Cray, a mulatto woman v. William R. Hopkins, et al.
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No 162

St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
November Term 1845

Jane M CrayJane M Cray

WilliamWilliam R Hopkins R HopkinsWilliam R Hopkins , ElizaEliza O Miller

and her husband WilliamWilliam B Miller


Tuany Hopkins Ashley Cass Hopkins,

Mary Francis Hopkins Laura G Hopkins William R HopkinsHopkins Guardain

said Ashley Mary Francis Laura
Adelaide H HopkinsH Hopkins her guardian
WilliamWilliam OliverOliver WilliamWilliam C HopkinsHopkins Theresa
TheresaHopkins Theresa Hopkins, Mary F HopkinsHopkins
and Mary F Hopkins gurardian of
said, TheresaTheresa and MaryMary F F.