Jane M. Cray, a mulatto woman v. William R. Hopkins, et al.
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nonwithstanding the frequent solicitation
of your petitioner to that effect
have neglected to carry out
the intention of the said Wm Hopkins,
by giving executing to her the papers ne=
cessary to fully emancipate her under
the laws of this state:

And your petitioner further states that
failing to obtain the deed of emancipation
necessary to free her according to the laws
of this state, she did, during the year
Eighteen Hundred & forty four with the advice, con-sent,
knowledge, approbation of the
said heirs of the said Wm H HopkinsH Hopkins for
the purpose of more fully entitling her
self to her right of freedom go to the state of
IllinoisIllinois and did then, to wit
, in the town
of GalenaGalena County CountyGalena County of do
and act for herself as a free woman
from the about the 1st day of September until
the about the 1st day of October, AD Eighteen Hundred & forty four

And your petitioner further states that the heirs of the said WilliamWilliam H HopkinsH Hopkins now living are WilliamWilliam R Hopkins, R.R. Hopkins, Ashley Cass H HopkinsH Hopkins - Mary Frances Hopkins
AdelaideH. HopkinsH Hopkins , Laura G. Hopkins, and
ElizaEliza O. Miller - Children of the said WilliamWilliam
H. HopkinsH Hopkins - WilliamWilliam C. HopkinsHopkins Theresa , TheresaHopkins Theresa Hopkins & Mary F. HopkinsHopkins - children of Elliott K. Hopkins, decreased, and grand children of
this said WilliamWilliam H. HopkinsH Hopkins (decd)

And your petitioner also states that, although
she has never been disturbed in her freedom