Rachel Steele, a coloured woman v. Thomas Taylor
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To the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of Saint LouisSt Louis County


The petition of RachelRachel [ Steel ] a coloured woman humbly
represents that in the year 1831 your petitioner was holden in
slavery by the late SamuelSamuel GilbertGilbert who then lived in the StateMissouri
of MissouriMissouri: that the late Russel, Farnham was then residing
at Kokuck, in the Territory, north of the State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
and north of of the line of 36 30 north latitude: that said
SamuelSamuel GilbertGilbert while he was thus the owner of your petitioner hired out your petitioner to said FarnhamFarnham in or just before
the month of December 1831 to be taken to Kokuck
and then holden & employed by said FarnhamFarnham as a slave
that said FarnhamFarnham in the month of December 1831
took & removed your petitioner to said Kokuck and then held
and employed your petitioner as a slave for a period of nine
Months or therabouts and until his decease: that by such
hiring and employment your petitioner became free as she is
advised: that Thomas TaylorThomas Taylor married a grand daughter of said GilbertGilbert and upon the decease of said GilbertGilbert claimed to hold in
right of his said wife your petitioner as a slave under said GilbertGilbert : That saidTaylorTaylor does now in fact hold your petitioner
as a slave: and your petitioner prays that she may be
allowed to sue as a poor person for the recovery of her
freedom & as is duty bound will ever pray &c

RachelRachel Steel


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