Rachel Steele, a coloured woman v. Thomas Taylor
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We the undersigned have been acquainted with RachelRachel Steele SteeleRachel Steele
coloured woman for several years and during all that time she
has borne a good character for truth & we believe that her
statements on oath may safely be relied on March 22 1845

On reading the foregoing petition and hearing the accompanying
proof it is ordered that Rachel SteeleRachel Steele the petitioner
have permission to sue as a poor person
that she have reasonable liberty to advise
with her Counsel & that she be not removed from the jurisdiction of the St. LouisCircuit Court Circuit CourtCircuit Court,
R. M. Field is appointed Counsel prosecute
this petition

St. LouisSt LouisMar 25. 1845

JohnJohn M Krum M. KrumJohn M Krum

Judge 8th Jud. Cir.