Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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To the Honorable John M KrumJohn M Krum Judge of the
St. LouisSt Louis Circuit County

The petition of SarahSarah a colored woman
your Honor respectfully represents.

That she was born a slave in the state of
VirginiaVirginia and was owned by one John ProsserProsser that the said
John ProsserProsser died leaving MargaretMargaret ProsserProsser ,, his widow and
certain issues of the said John and MargaretMargaret ProsserProsser to wit, WilliamWilliam , SusanSusan , MaryMary who is now the widow of one John H. Martin, MargaretMargaret , John Robert, and John SamuelSamuel .

your petitioner states that by an order of
the County, in the State
of Virgina she was sold at the administrator sale of the goods
and Chattels of said John ProsserProsser Dec'd at the same County aforesadi and was purchased by one a short time your petitioner unto the said MargaretMargaret widow
of John Presson Dec'd during her life and at his death to her
the said MargaretMargaret - that after your petitioner was so deeded as aforesaid, the said MargaretMargaret hired out your
petitioner in the said and one McMullin became the hirer of your petitioner, that at this time the said
MargaretMargaret widow of the said John ProsserProsser dec'd and the said WilliamWilliam John , Samuel Margaret, JohnWilliam John RobertRobert and George Samuel the heirs of said John and MargaretMargaret ProsserProsser aforsaid, left the state of VirginiaVirginia and emigrated
to the state of IllinoisIllinois they have continued and still do reside, that your that your petitioner remained after that time some six
months with the said McMullin hired as aforesaid, that after remaining with said McMullin as aforesaid, one John H. Martin and
MaryMary one of the heirs of John ProsserProsser Dec'd , and one
of the issue of said John and MargaretMargaret ProsserProsser aforesaid, the wife
of said John H. Martin, took your petitioner out of the hands of
said McMullan him aforesaid, and out of the state of VirginiaVirginia
and brought your petitioner to the state of KentuckyKentucky where she
was kept by said MartinMartin and his wife for a long period of time