Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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HenryHenry S Hart, stated
that he sent for WaddinghamWaddingham before the
of the petition for the reason that the repres
ted owners lived in IllinoisIllinois and he was at a loss
to know who to make defendant as Kilby had
denied having the plaintiff in his control, thus
WaddinghamWaddingham came, and stated that he hired such
from Wm K. Prosser, and that she was under his
charge and control, that he held her as a slave and
that witness could not obtain her freedom that he was present
when WaddinghamWaddingham
told Kilby, after he Kilby
had told him that Dr ProsserProsser
had sent an order
for SarahSarah , that if he Kilby had delivered her up to
the order of Dr ProsserProsser
, he WaddinghamWaddingham
would have
held him Kilby personally liable, and requested
to send her to his house.