Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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[3] and âJacksonvilleJacksonville â, in the 2nd page, & 4th line from top, down
to the workds âMrsâ-being about 13 1/2 lines & included
within pencil marks; as also, from the word âMartinMartin â
on 2nd page, & 23rd line from Top, down to the word âMrâ.
- being about nine lines & included within pencil
marks upon objection read by plff- were ruled out by the court on the ground
of irrelevancy to which decision of the court defendant excepted at the time he SusanSusan & ProsserProsser questions 5. 7. 8. & 11. and in Mary Martin
questions 6. 13. & 14 the several answers thereto were ruled out
& excluded by the court of the trial-

This was all the evidence on the part of defendant.

Defendant asked the Court to give the
following instructions ( all of defendents instructions) which the Count refused to do, and which the court fefused to do and to which
refusal of the Court defendant by his counsel excep-
ted at the time.

The Court then instructed the jury as follows
(insert instructions given by the Court) to the giving
of which instructions defandant by his counsel excep-
ted at the time.

The jury returned the following verdict (not the verdict of the jury)

Afterwards defendant filed a motion for
a new trial in this case, as follows, (insert motion for a new trial) which the court overruled,
which ruling of the court, defendant by his counsel excepted at the time, and prayed that his Bill of
exceptions in that behalf might be allowed. which
is accordingly done this 8th, day of february A. D. 1847; and upon his motion, the same is ordered
to be made part of the record in this case.

John M KrumJohn M Krum