Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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Then proceed with other Depositions (if any) in the same form, annexing a like certificate to each.

When all the witnesses who appear have been sworn and examined, and their depositions reduced to writing, subscribed and certified as above,
the officer will attach to the Depositions all papers and exhibits, proved or referred to ein examination, the Commission and notice, (herewith en-
closed,) with the following certificate endorsed thereon or attached thereto.

âI (name of Officer, and style of Office,) within and for the County of MarionCounty of Marion in the
State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri do certify, that in pursuance of the (or annexed) Commission
notice, came before me, at the office of , Mahon a Justice of the Peace
SamuelSamuel M. Prossor (insert the names of all the witnesses,) who were or was there by me sworn and examined, and such examina-
tion reduced to writing, and subscribed by them respectively, in my presence, and their said depositions are now herewith

Given at , in the County ofCounty of Marion MarionCounty of Marion, and State of MissouriMissouri, this
second day of May, 1846

P. F.,"