Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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taking said SarahSarah and her child still supposing MrsProsserProsser intended moving to MissouriMissouri this
was probably in the month of November shortly
after MartinMartin arrived a JacksonvilleJacksonville (Sarah's child
was taken very ill and remained sick for about
three weeks. This caused Mrs. ProsserProsser much trouble
and anxietyMartinMartin having taken SarahSarah and
the child to JacksonvilleJacksonville without her knowle-
dge, and desiring to send them to MissouriMissouri was
prevented from doing so, by the sickness of the
child I was the attending Physician on said child
and know that it was unsafe and I may say
impossible to send the said child to MissouriMissouri
for some time after its recovery without managing
its returning health and probably its life. The
weather letting in, before its recovering so bad and
in element that it would not have been safe
to remove it. Mrs ProsserProsser , regretted very much
that Mr. MartinMartin did not leave said SarahSarah
and child in MissouriMissouri with a Mr WaddinghamWaddingham
of St LouisSt Louis, with whom she had made arrange
ments to through her son WilliamWilliam ProsserProsser to hire her out, so soon as her time was
out with Mr. MartinMartin as soon as it was possible the health of the child, the state of the
roads and the weather would permit said SarahSarah
was taken back to St LouisSt Louis and hired out. Mrs
ProsserProsser made every possible effort to have SarahSarah
and child sent back to St LouisSt Louis although they
were still in the possession of MartinMartin and as
soon as the childs health would permit being
moved the roads being very bad, and the weather
severely cold Mr MartinMartin to to SarahSarah and child
back to St LouisSt Louis, and was there hired out to said
WaddinghamWaddingham agreeably to arrangements pre-
viously made by WilliamWilliam ProsserProsser said SarahSarah