Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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December 1839 and was requested by my mother
to stop in KentuckyKentucky and hireSarahSarah to Mr MartinMartin
who was then living at at the mouth
of Big Sandy in KentuckyKentucky in compliance with my
mother request did stop at the place aforesaid and hired SarahSarah to Mr MartinMartin for one year

Q-5 Who broughtSarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois and when was she brought

Ans. Mr MartinMartin brought SarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois in November 1840

Q-6 Had your mother any thing to do with bringing
SarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois, and did she ever con-
sent to SarahSarah being brought to IllinoisIllinois to
your knowledge

Q-7 My mother did not consent to SarahsSarah being
brought to IllinoisIllinois so far as I know

Q-8 Were you living with you mother and acting
generally as agent in her
in herNovember 1840 and for some month
before and after

Ans I was

Q-9 Did you know that MartinMartin was going to being SarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois you saw her at
your mothers

Ans To the best of recollection now I did not
know any thing of his intention to do so

Q-10 State whether your mother knew that MartinMartin
was going to bringSarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois until she
saw her arrive at her house in Morgan CountyMorgan County

Ans I do not know whether she did or not, to the
best of recollection when SarahSarah arrived my
mother said that she was sorry that SarahSarah had
come, and did not know that she was coming

Q 11 Did your mother request you to go to St LouisSt Louis