Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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to hire out SarahSarah soon after she was brought here by MartinMartin

Ans Soon after Mr MartinMartin came here I was going
again to VirginiaVirginia,, once my mother told me
to stop in St. LouisSt Louis and hire SarahSarah out and write to Mr MartinMartin and he would take her there

Q12 Did you comply with the request of your
mother if State at what time

Ans I in compliance with the request of mother stopped at St LouisSt Louis and contracted with Mr WaddinghamWaddingham for the hire of SarahSarah , he agreed to hire
SarahSarah if she was brought down by Mr MartinMartin to
St LouisSt Louis in were she him if not he was
hire her at any rate until I Returned from
VirginiaVirginia this was in december 1840 and I think
between the first and middle of the month

Q13 Did you write to MartinMartin fas requested by your mother if so when did you write and from what place.

Ans I wrote to Mr MartinMartin from louisville KentuckyKentucky
as soon as I arrived there on my way to VirginiaVirginia respecting the arrangement I had made with Wadding

Q14 Do you know where that letter is at this time

Ans The letter in question was mailed in LouisvilleLouisville and
read by Mr MartinMartin at IllinoisIllinois as I am in
formed and believe since the death of Mr MartinMartin
I found the letter among any papers, and sent
it to B. F. Thomas Esq. of St LouisSt Louis

Q15 When did you return from virgenia

Ans I returned in february 1841