Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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Q16 Did you find SarahSarah at your mothers on your
return home if so state the reason why she had not been sent to St louisSt Louis

Ans When I return home I foundSarahSarah at my mothers
and the reason they gave for not sending her
to St LouisSt Louis was, that her child had been sick

Q17 Did you aftwerwards take SarahSarah to St LouisSt Louis
and hire her out for your mother if so state
when and to whom did you hire her

Ans I did after my return home takeSarahSarah to St LouisSt Louis
and hired her to Mr Waddingh I arrived in St LouisSt Louis
on the 22nd day of february 1841. however I considered
that I had previously hired her to WaddinghamWaddingham and
at the time I took her to St LouisSt Louis
I delivered her to WaddinghamWaddingham on the old contract
previously made . went in company
with me when I took SarahSarah St LouisSt Louis
they being on their return to KentuckyKentucky

Q18 DidMartinMartin then live in KentuckyKentucky and was
he retruning home

Ans He did live in KentuckyKentucky at the time as far as I
know, and was then on his return home

Q19 Did MartinMartin come to IllinoisIllinois to live in November 1840, or did he only come on a visit to your
mother and her family

Ans I understood that he only come on a visit to
my mother and family. he having married my
sister-martin has died

Q20 Has SarahSarah ever been in IllinoisIllinois at any other time
except the time she was brought here by MartinMartin

Ans Not to my knowledge