Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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Q21 Did SarahsSarah child die after you took her to St LouisSt Louis

I have been so informed

Q22 After MartinMartin brought SarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois
did your mother design keeping her here any
length of time or did she try to send her back
to a slave state as soon as possible

Ans It was not my mothers intention to keep
her here any length of time but intended
to send her directly to a slave state as
she told me herself

Cross examined by plaintiff attorney

Q23 How long was SarahSarah here in all

Ans she came here in November 1840 and in February 1841I took her to St LouisSt Louis MissouriMissouri

Q23 How long after you returned from VirginiaVirginia until
you took SarahSarah to St LouisSt Louis

Ans A few day

Q24 Was SarahsSarah child sick when you arrived home
from VirginiaVirginia

Ans I do not recollect

Q25 What was the matter with the child when it was
at your mother

Ans I do not know

Q26 Was your mother apprehensive of difficulty in regard
to SarahSarah if she kept her here in IllinoisIllinois

She was

WilliamWilliam . k. ProsserProsser