Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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SusanSusan I ProsserProsser of lawful age being produced sworn
and examined on the fact of the defendant deposeth
and saith

Q 1 By plaintiff attorney
Have you any interest in the result of this case

Ans I have not. by defendants attorney

Q 2 Were you living with your mother in November 1840 and for several years before and since that time

Ans I was

Q 3 Who brought SarahSarah the plaintiff in this suit to your mother and the time she arrived

Ans Mr MartinMartin my brother in law brought her to my
Mother in November 1840 about the 22 or 23 of the month

Q 4 did your Mother know that Mr MartinMartin was going
to bring SarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois did she consent to his
bringing her

Ans My Mother knew nothing of the intention of Mr MartinMartin of bringing her to IllinoisIllinois it was done
without her consent as far as I can learn she
so expressed herself to me upon the arrival of Sarah

Q 5 State whether your Mother endeavored to send SarahSarah back to a Slave State immediately after her arrival
in IllinoisIllinois at her House

Ans She did