Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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Q 6 State what was the reason she was not sent back
to a Slave State immediately

Ans SarahsSarah Child was Sick and my Mother was advised by supplied> Dr ProsserProsser , not to send her away at that time it could endanger the childs life

Q 7 Do you know of Mr MartinMartin getting a letter from your
Brother in relation to his having hired SarahSarah to
Mr WaddinghamWaddingham in St. LouisSt Louis

Ans Mr MartinMartin was to start to St. LouisSt Louis with SarahSarah so soon as he
should receive a letter from my brother he did receive a letter shortly after my brother left home, the weather was extremely cold and I understood that the
river was frozen over at the time and the child was also sick at the time all of which prevented Mr MartinMartin from taking SarahSarah to St. LouisSt Louis

Q 8 State whether in your opinion SarahsSarah child
was or was not at that time so ill that
it would have endangered its life to have taken
it to St. LouisSt Louis at that season of the year

Ans My opinion is that it would have endangered
its life

Q 9 How long did SarahsSarah Child remain sick while
at your Mother

Ans It was sick when it came there and continued
sicknearly all the time it remained there

Q 10 State whether or not your Mother did not get
your Brother William R Prosser to take SarahSarah to St. LouisSt Louis as soon as the Child could be
taken with safty to its health

When Mr MartinMartin and My went forth to KentuckyKentucky
My brother went asfar as St. LouisSt Louis in company with
them and took SarahSarah and her child with him