Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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Mary JJ Martin .. MartinJ Martin of lawful age being produced sworn
and examined on the part of defendant,, deposeth & saith

Q 1 Are you the widow of Mr. Thomas H. Martin

Ans I am

Q 2 State if you know of your husband having
hiredSarahSarah from your mother in 1839
and if so for how long

Ans Mr MartinMartin hiredSarahSarah from my brother William R Prosser, who done business for my mother in 1839
and paid money for the hire but for what length
of time I do not know

Q 3 Where were you living in November 1840

Ans We were living in County KentuckyKentucky

Q 4 state when you and your husband paid a
visit to IllinoisIllinois when you arrived
and any information you may posses in
relation to SarahSarah , coming with you

Ans We left KentuckyKentucky on the 10th of November 1840 and
arrived here on the 22nd of the same month
we broughtSarahSarah to IllinoisIllinois with us and
expected to return in about two weeks
my brother persuaded us to remain here until
he could make a trip to VirginiaVirginia and back
which we consented to do

Q 5 was SarahSarah brough to IllinoisIllinois with the knowledge
or consent of your mother

Ans shewas not to the best of my knowledge

Q 6 Did your mother endeavor to send her back to a slave
state immediately after her arrival here

Ans she did

Q 7 state what was the reason SarahSarah was not
sent to st Louis sooner than she was

Ans Her child was sick the weather was very cold and