Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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and I understood the river was froze over, and
DrProsserProsser advised my mother not to send SarahSarah
away with her child in the condition it was
then in

Q 8 How long after your arrival at your mothers before
your brother started to st St. LouisSt Louis

Ans I do not recollect exactly but feel certain that
it was only a few days

Q 9 Do you know whether your
husband received a letter from your brother in
relation to his having hired SarahSarah in stSt Louis louisSt Louis
and state all you know upon that subject

Ans Mr martin did recieve a letter from my brother
instructing him to takeSarahSarah to Mr WaddinghamWaddingham
in St LouisSt Louis where he had hired her, but he
was prevented from taking her for reasons
stated in a former answer

10 What was the matter with SarahsSarah child
and in your opinion was it in
such a condition as would have endangered
its life to have taken it at that time to st Louis

Ans It had the dysentary and I think was teething
at the same time and probably had taken cold
my opinion is that it would have been
a great risk to the child to have sent
it away at the time referred to

Q 11 How long had the child been sick, and how long
did is continue sick

Ans the child was taken sick on the boat as we
was coming from KentuckyKentucky and continued sick
nearly all the time it remained here

Q 12 Did your mother send SarahSarah to St LouisSt Louis