Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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James KereJames Kere of of lawful age being next produced sworn and examined on the part of plaintiff

Q1 At what time did the ProsserProsser family come to
the state of IllinoisIllinois

Ans They havebeen in IllinoisIllinois not
less than than three years

Q2 Have they resided there ever since

Ans The Widow and her family has with the exception
of her son WilliamWilliam

Q3 A what time did Mr. MartinMartin and family come

Ans I cannot tell at what timeJamesJames Kere KereJames Kere

ElijahElijah Bacon of lawful age being next prd
duced sworn and examined, on the part of the plaintiff deposeth and saith

Q-1 At what time did the ProsserProsser Family come to
MorganMorgan county IllinoisIllinois

Ans They have resided here from five to eight years permanently

Q-2 At what time did Mr MartinMartin and Family come
to said county

Ans two three years since

Q3 What servant have you seen at Mrs Prossers

Ans I saw a mullatto woman there but at what time I do not now recollect

Q4 What was done with said Mullatto

Ans I understand she was taken to St LouisSt Louis MissouriMissouri
and supplied> hired, out

Q5 Had said Mullatto any children

Ans I think she had one child