Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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negro woman, I either saw or heard that
the woman that I have spoken
before as being at Mrs Prossers had a child
with her when there, I do not know whether
said woman and child were claimed by
Mrs ProsserProsser as slaves or not I do not
know when the woman and child did
came to IllinoisIllinois or who brought them, or
when they were taken away, or who -
from IllinoisIllinois nor where they came
from I am related to Mrs ProsserProsser only
by marrige, my son married Mrs. Prossers
Daughter and my Daughter married Mrs
Prossers Brother-in-law MrMartinMartin was employed as a clerk in my store while he and his wife resided here but I do not recollect how long.
I do not know whether MrMartinMartin and family
corresponded with Mrs. ProsserProsser and her family
before they MartinMartin and family, came to IllinoisIllinois
I do not recollect at what time or how long
the negro woman alluded to was at Mrs.
Prossers MartinMartin was here some time before he
removed the interval was not long between

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