Sarah, a colored woman v. William Waddingham
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Elias Brown lawful age being next pro
duced sworn and examined on the fort
of the plaintiff deposith and saith

I know Mrs MargaretMargaret ProsserProsser and her family
the family of MrsProsserProsser did claim to be
the owner of slaves since they came to the
state of IllinoisIllinois they claimed to own a
negro woman by the name of SarahSarah this must have been in the winter of 1841 or 2
that I saw said woman with he child at
the house of Mrs ProsserProsser , when I saw it,
it was sitting on the floor, I
he was the son-in-law of Mrs ProsserProsser said
MartinMartin and family resided in Illinoins in the
winter of 1842 and 3 and boarded at my
house in the CountyCounty of Morgan ofCounty of Morgan MorganCounty of Morgan, he MartinMartin
was not in business here at that time
but was afterwards employed as a clerk
in the store in JacksonvilleJacksonville the woman SarahSarah was held in Slavery
by MrsProsserProsser . while in IllinoisIllinois I do not
know whether she was claimed as the indi-
vidual property of Mrs. Prssen or whether
by the estate.

Elias Brown