Michael Paul v. Gabriel Paul
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To the honorable the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

The undersigned petitioner, adminis
trator with the will annexed, of Gabriel PaulGabriel Paul
deceased, late of the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis, respectfully
represents, that one Michael Paul, as he calls
himself, petitioned the Honorable BryanBryan Mullanphy MullanphyBryan Mullanphy
as Judge of the Court aforesaid, for liberty or
permission to sue for his freedom in said
Court, and that he the said Micheal was by
this petitioners held, in servitude-
that it will appear from the order of the said
BryanBryan Mullaugby, Judge as aforesaid, that said
Micheal had permission to sue as a poor
person for his freedom as aforesaid; that at
the April Term 1844 of said Court, the said
MichaelMichael so instituted his suit against the
said Gabriel PaulGabriel Paul for his freedom &C as afore
said; that since the institution of said suit
the said GabrielGabriel has departed this life, and
your petitioner appointed administrator of
his estate with the will annexed, and has as
such administrator entitled his appearance
in the said Case, which is now pending
in this court.

Now your petitioner represents that since
the institution of said suit said
and since the death of the said
Gabriel PaulGabriel Paul , he has so comforted himself
as almost to be utterly northless, and in a
degree unmanageble and within the last
few days, gaveby his actions your petition
reasonalbe grounds for [ sufforing ] that he will
from the lines of this state an be out of the jurisdiction of that court aforesaidunless
presented the of this Honorable

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In view of the premises, and that your petition
may be injured and the estate be represents
damnified, be by your Honor for an order
that the Sheriff of the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis take
the said petitioner and suitor Maybell into
immediate custody and hold him to await
the further order of this court, or hire him
the said Maybell out according to law
during the pendency of said suit such
further order in the premises or my
meet and proper to your Honorable Court.

Adolph Paul adnor
of Gabriel PaulGabriel Paul , dec,

G R Taylor his his attorney