Harriet (of color) vs. Irene Emerson
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To the Hon. John M. KrumJohn M Krum , Judge of the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court. Dred ScottDred Scott , a man of color, respectfully states to your honor, that he is claimed as a slave by one Irene EmersonIrene Emerson , of the , , widow of the late , who at the time of his death was a surgeon in the United StatesUnited States army. That the said purchased your petitioner in the , about nine years ago, he then being a slave, from one now deceased, and took petitioner with him to in the State of , and then kept petitioner to labor and service, in attendance upon said EmersonEmerson , for about two years and six months, he the said EmersonEmerson being attached to the United StatesUnited States troops there stationed as surgeon. That after remaining at the place last named for about the period aforesaid, said EmersonEmerson was removed from the garrison at aforesaid, to on the St. Peters river in the territory of , and took petitioner with him, at which latter place the petitioner continued to remain in attendance upon doing labor and service, for a period of about five years. That after the lapse of the period last named, said EmersonEmerson was ordered to , and proceeding there left petitioner at in the aforesaid in charge of one , to whom said EmersonEmerson hired Petitioner-that said EmersonEmerson is now dead, and his widow the said IreneIrene claims petitioners services as a slave, and as his owner, but believing that under this state of fact, that he is entitled to his freedom, he prays your honor to allow him to sue said Irene EmersonIrene Emerson in said Court, in order to establish his right to freedom + he will pray be.

DredDred hisXmark Scott