Elsa Hicks, a mulatto girl v. Patrick J. McSherry
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State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
St Louis County

I Joseph B Wells State, that from
papers now in my possession I believe that the Mulatto
woman. Elsie Hicks now in jail in said County
plaintiff to a suit for her freedom now pending insaid
court the circuit court of said county against PatrickPatrick
McSherryMcSherry defendant & her infant child are the property of
four minor children namely Elen Elza Mitchell, Edward Blair
Mitchell, Charles Samuel Mitchell and James Burwell Mitchell
that I am informed and believe that all said persons are
Minors under fourteen years of age. and in capable in law of
taking care of their estates, that they at present reside in the
state of VirginiaVirginia. that I believe neither of them have a
Guardian curator in the state of MissouriMissouri, I state
that I heard the said Elsie declare that she never authorized the
said suit against McSherryMcSherry . I state that I have been informed
& believe that the said Else has been harboured
in the city of St LouisSt Louis. for a considerable length of time, so
that the friends of her Owners have been unable to get the
possession or [ controll ] of her, that I surely believe that if
the said Elsie shall be discharged & released from custody
while there is an order of said court prohibiting her remov
-al from said county there will be strong reasons to appre
-hend that she may again be taken & harboured by
persons with abolitionism & that her ownersand
those who may be disposed to take care of their interests
may again be unable to find or get her. I state that Joseph
Neal informed me. that on the 10th when there was
some probability that said Else would be released from custody
OneRev.Joseph Tabour. who has been strongly suspected of
being an abolitionist. Came to the state of the said Neal
& tried to hire the said Neal to take said Elsie in the event
that she should be discharged in a carriage. & convey her
to the house of him the said Tabour, I state that after
I got this information from said Neal. I Enquired of

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the attorney of said Elsie. What this Tabour had to do
with the negro or how he was connected with the controv
-ersey about her he said Tabour had nothing to do with
the matter in any way I state that I have seen
enough to satisfy me. that to turn said Elsie loose
again while said prohibitory order is in force. would
be to [ hazzard ] & the rights of her owners to all
the unfortuante influences that abolitionists may
exert upon slave property. On this of a
slave country. I state that I believe there are in
disguise in this community. as
as can be found disgracing that name & I submit to the
court whether the property in question. assuming it to
be the property of infants should by the act of the
court be exposed. to such injury as may result to
it by placing it in the search of those whose &
induce them to disrespect & to prostrate so
for as they can all rights to such property-

Joseph B Wells Atty

For Owners
of said slave