Elsa Hicks, a mulatto girl v. Patrick J. McSherry
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on reading and considering the foregoing pet-
ition and being satisfied that the said petition
contains sufficient matter to authorise the
commencement of a suit by the said Elsa
for her freedom; It is ordered that the said ElsaElsa Hicks HicksElsa Hicks be allowed to sue upon her said
Petition as a poor person and that she have
reasonable liberty to attend her counsel at
the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court and that she be
not subjected to any severity on account
of the application to institute her said suit
for freedom and that she be not removed
without the jurisdiction of the Court and
that James Daugherty be assigned her as

Oct. 27. 1847

sAlex Hamilton,

Judge of the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court 8th Judicial Circt