Nancy, a dark mulatto woman v. Enoch Steen and Ann Page
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Deposition of Witnesses produced sworn
and Examined at the Quarters of H Beck-
with orderly sergeant at Jefferson BarracksJefferson Barracks
in the CountyCounty of St Louis ofCounty of St Louis St LouisCounty of St Louis and State ofMissouri
MissouriMissouri on the Twenty seventh day of November Eighteen hundred and forty seven between the hours of 8 o'clock in the forenoon & 6 o'clock in the afternoon to be used and read in
evidence in a certain cause now
pending in the StCircuit Court . Louis CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court
StateMissouri of MissouriMissouri Wherein one NancyNancy
is Plaintiff and Enoch SteenEnoch Steen is defen-
dant the same to be read in behalf of
said plaintiff according to the notice
hereunto attached these depositions
being taken before me JamesJames C. De
Camp an acting Justice of the Peace
within & for said County of St LouisCounty of St Louis
State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri.

The plaintff being present by her
attorney and the Defendant
being present in Person.

Bridget [ Padget ] of lawful age
being produced sworn & Examined
in the Part of the Plaintiff & says as follows.

I am acquainted with NancyNancy the
Plaintiff in this suit. I have known
her about thirteen years- She was
about fourteen or fifteen years old when
I firsy knew her. I first knew her
in the Creek Nation at fort MitchellMitchell
in AlabamaAlabama. She was then a girl
knocking around with the Indian
Squaws the same as any other wild
Indian not knowing much.

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She dressed Common like the Indians
Sometimes she would have a dress on
like the white persons. She usually
dressed like the Indians with a
shawl or Blanket around her-
this was until she learned a little
better she dressed like white people
after she had come amongst them
a good deal. She lived in
the Garrison about- when I seen
she used to be always amongst the
Indians. She used to come from &
go out to the Camp amongst the
Indians. Sometimes she used to
live amongst the Indans in their
Camp. She was as much like a
squaw as could be. I took her
for a half breed. She lived
amongst the Squaws as far as
I know. I I knew her there for two
or three years. during this two or
three years she always was living
with the Indians. She belonged
to the Creek Nation of Indians-
Fort MitchellFort Mitchell was situated
amongst the Creek Nation of Indians-
she ought to be amongst the white
people by being in the Garrison first
with one white woman & then another
She helped the white women
to wash. We all hired the Indian
Squaws to help us to wash. finally
NancyNancy got to staying in the Garrison
pretty much all the time. No
body at the time I first knew her had