Nancy, a dark mulatto woman v. Enoch Steen and Ann Page
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Charge of NancyNancy that I knew of. Her Mother
from amongst the Indians many a
time used to send into the Garrison
to get her out home into the Indian
Camp.She NancyNancy seemed fond of being
at the Garrison. There were plenty of
Indians around the Garrison. by
the Garrison FortFort Mitchell MitchellFort Mitchell . the Indians
were in & out there every day. I was
first there with NancyNancy for about three
years. than I went to TennesseeTennessee. I
[ staid ] in TennesseeTennessee about two years.
When I went back to Fort Mitchell
Nancy was still there. CaptainCaptain
Page was at Fort MitchellFort Mitchell on my
return to Fort Mitchell. Captain
Page was not at Fort MitchellFort Mitchell
during the three years I was first there
with NancyNancy . The first time I ever
saw him with NancyNancy was when I
went to Fort MitchellFort Mitchell from TennesseeTennessee.
I knew her there for three years before I
ever saw him there. I do not know
how NancyNancy came to live with CaptainCaptain
Page without she first got attached to him.
He is the sameCapt. Page formerly of the
4th Infantry- his first name I believe was
John. I do not know when it was first
knew that NancyNancy lived with CaptainCaptain
Page only I knew she was with him
when we went back to the Creek Nation
& she was there long before that. NancyNancy
is about I do not know how old. She is a
tall woman. she looks to be a half freed
she used to have Indian features.