Nancy, a dark mulatto woman v. Enoch Steen and Ann Page
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I am certain that thisNancyNancy now pres
sent at JeffersonJefferson Barrach is the same woman
I have been speaking of. I knew her as soon
as I saw her here. I am more than
forty years of age NancyNancy used some
times to work for me in the Creek Nation
before CaptainCaptain Page knew her. I used
to pay her hire myself & so did the
rest of them who hired her. She used
sometimes to wear blue & red
or fringe around the bottom of her
dress for ornament. She used also to
wear an Indian brooch & also silver
bracelets on her arms. She spoke the
Indian tongue & language to her
own folks. the general appearance
of Nancy's face is the same now that
it was then. NancyNancy has been lately
living in the room directly below
Captain Enoch Steen's quarters.

Sworn to and subscribed
before me the day and
year first above written.
Bridget her


mark [ Paget ]

H DeCamp JP.

St Louis County