Nancy, a dark mulatto woman v. Enoch Steen and Ann Page
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HenryHenry Beckwith of lawful age being
also produced sworn & examined
at the same time & place deposeth &
says as follows. I know NancyNancy the
Plaintiff. Also the defendant EnochEnoch Steen
SteenEnoch Steen . I knew Captain John Page
late of the 4th infantry very well
He brought NancyNancy to St LouisSt Louis.
I do not know whether or not she lived
with him as a slave. I always sup-
posed that that she was an Indian.I never
heard CaptainCaptain Page speak of her as a
slave. I knew him well from 1836
& lived with him here for about two
years during which time NancyNancy was
living with him. CaptainCaptain Page
when he went away to MexicoMexico in
1844 left her in my Change & told
me he did not require of her any
thing of the money she made. that
he supposed she could support herself
but if she could not supply her with
money & he would refund to me.
From the tenor of CaptainCaptain Page's
language I never thought he con-
sidered her as a Slave. From the
23rd of this month back for a
month NancyNancy was in the posses-
sion of Enoch SteenEnoch Steen this defen-
dant. She NancyNancy was under the
control of & in possession of said
SteenSteen at the time the original sum-
mons in this cause was served on
him. this I know of my own
knowledge, & also from having been

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told so by said SteenSteen . I Know that
NancyNancy is the same woman spoken
of by Bridget[ Padget ] in the depo-
sition given before this of mine-
NancyNancy is a very tall woman. Near
six feet in height she looks like
an Indian. She is a handsome
woman. I served the notice attached
to this deposition on Enoch SteenEnoch Steen
on the 23rd of this month at
Jefferson BarracksJefferson Barracks by delivering
him a copy of the same. the
notice was to take depositions
in this cause at this time & place.

H Beckwith

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this 27th day of November A. D. 1847

J.C. DeCamp

JP St LouisSt Louis Co Mo