Nancy, a dark mulatto woman v. Enoch Steen and Ann Page
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

Before the undersigned on
this 1st day of AprilMay 1848 Came F. AF A Dick . DickF A Dick who
being by me sworn in his oath says, that from
such information as he possesses he believes
that is is important for the plaintiff in this cause
to have on the trial the testimony of a witness
residing at Point Isabel, Texas, & that without
such testimony she cannot safely go to trial-
also, that he is informed that the plaintiff in this suit is at this
time so unwell as to be unable to leave
her room, so that she cannot appear before
a magistrate or other officer to make the aff-
in this behalf required, nor is there any
magistrate residing at Jefferson BarracksJefferson Barracks the
place of residence of this plaintiff.

F. AF A Dick . DickF A Dick

Subscribed & sworn to
before me this 1stMay 1848

Jn RulandJohn Ruland clk