Nancy, a dark mulatto woman v. Enoch Steen and Ann Page
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NancyNancy vsEnochEnoch Steen SteenEnoch Steen
Ann Page

In the St. LouisSt LouisCirciut
Court April Term 1848

And now comes said Plain-tiff by her [ attornies ] and files the following
interrogatories to be propounded to witnesses
examined under Commission issued from
this Court dated May 5th, 1848

1st Do you know a certain part-Indian woman
who goes by the name of NancyNancy or NancyNancy

2d If you say that you do know her state
how long you have known her, about
how old she was when you first knew

3d Where was it that you fist saw her?

4th Amongst what people was she living
when you fist saw her?

5th What language did she speak, & if
more than one state what they were?

6th How did she then dress, and were
her habits & manners those of the

7th Did NancyNancy ever live with you, if she
did when & where, & from where did
you get her?

9 Did you know the Mother of NancyNancy ?

10 Did you know her Grand-Mother?

11 To what nation or people did her Mother

12 To what nation or people did her
Grandmother belong?

13 Was her Grandmother a full blood
woman, & if so full blood of what people or nation?