Jane Cotton
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County Of St. LouisSt Louis,


The State Of MissouriMissouri,

To the Sheriff of St. Louis County, Greeting:

We command you To Summon JamesJames A AJames A Little
if he be found in Your County
that he be and appear before the Judge of our Circuit CourtCircuit Court , on the first day of the next term thereof, to be
held at the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis, within and for the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis, on the third Mon-
of April next, then and there to answer untoJane CottonJane Cotton of her petition for freedom this day
filedto the damage of said plaintiff
dollars: And have you then there this writ.

Witness, John RulandJohn Ruland , Clerk of our said Court,
with the seal thereof hereto affixed, at office, in the
city of St. LouisSt Louis, this fifteenth day ofFebruary in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty-eight

jno RulandRuland


By Wm Nemmington

V. C.