Jane Cotton
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Jane CottonJane Cotton
James AJames A . Little

In Circuit CourtCircuit Court
Feburary 18. 1848.

Now comes the complainant by her
attorny, and suggests to the court the follow-
ing facts; that at the time that the order
of this court was made, allowing the com-
plainant to sue as a poor person for her
freedom, she had been by the defendant
committed to the jail of St. Louis County,
on the official commuttioned of Justice
JohnsonJohnson ; and that when the said Little
had been apprized of the application of the
complainant for the order aforesaid, and
after it was made, she he took the said
Jane CottonJane Cotton out of Jail and conveyed
her away JeffersonJefferson Baracks with
a of shipping her off beyond the
jurisdiction this court. Therefore she by her attorny, moves that an order
be made, that the said Little have
the said plaintiff within the jurisdic-
tion of this court; that âshe be at liberty
to attend her counsel and the court as occasion may require and that she be
not removed out of the jurisdiction of
this court,â; and that such order be by
this court made that she shall not
be any longer subject to any or further
security on account of her application
for freedom.

Alphonso WitmoreAlphonso Witmore
attorny for