Thomas Scott, a man of color v. James Harrison
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out, for his health, and if, he was, any
service, to me I was, to allow him wages,

I had the entire control of him,
I had TomTom , with me, in New MexicoMexico,
from five months - I did not
hire him to any one in New MexicoMexico,

I gave him permission to hire, himself
and allowed him to, have, for, his own use,
all the over and, above what - I
to Mr, - HarrisonHarrison , - He hired, him
self to, a man by the name Holt,
I think, he lived, with him for about
three, months. - In one of, these
trips, we allways spent, from five
to six, months in New MexicoMexico,

I presume Mr HarrisonHarrison knew the,
length of time I would spend,
there, as he is an old trader, The was, that if TomTom
was able to per form, service, that
I was to pay Mr Harriosn, a spece,-
fied sum. If, he was not able
to perform service, I was, to pay
nothing. - If he died on the road it was, not to be my loss. Beuts, Fort is, on the ArkansasArkansas river.

I have resided most, of the time
at Beuts Fort, - I have always,