Thomas Scott, a man of color v. James Harrison
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To the Honb, Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton Judge, of the
St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court,, state of MissouriMissouri,

, a man, of color named Thomas ScottThomas Scott ,, of St. Louis, County, state, of MissouriMissouri,
would respectfully represent, to your honor,
, that, he is not, held in bondage, as a slave,
by one James HarrisonJames Harrison , of the County and state
aforesaid,, but is advised and believes, that he
ouhgt not thus, to be held, as a slave,, and that
according to the law, of the land he is entitled, to his freedom.

In support, of his claim, for freedom, your
states the following facts,.
that said James HarrisonJames Harrison , the then owner, of , sometime in the month of augustAD 1847 hired, your petitioner, as a petitioner, to one
one St., Brain. , a trader, in new trader in New MexicoMexico., who
carried your petitioner, to said County of new
MexicoMexico, and held him,him, there in bondage, for
a period, of at least, five months. and your
petitioner,, that slavery was, not allowable
by the laws, of new MexicoMexico, at the time, he was
so carried to that County and held there in slavery,
as aforesaid,.

your petitioner, therefore submits, if these facts
be true,, whether he is not entitled, to freedom