Alfred Taylor, a man of color v. Cornelius Van Houten
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To the Honorable Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton ,
Judge of the CircuitCircuit Court ,CourtCircuit Court within and,
for the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis StateMissouri, ofMissouri MissouriMissouri,

The petition of AlfredAlfred Taylor TaylorAlfred Taylor , a free man, of color
respectuflly represents,, to your honor, that he is now confined,
in the common jail, of said County by the jailor of the County aforesaid., your pet
itioner states, that he was by the sherrif, of said County
as the property, of at the
of commenced in the Court, of
Common pleas of said county by attachment your petitioner states, that at the present term, of the said
Court of common pleas, the said letter moved the,
said last mentioned court, for an order of sale in said
Cause and the Said Court of Common Please where the said motion, did make, an order that your petitioner,
should be sold as the property of said as aforesaid, your petitioner states,
that the said sherrif, has your petitioner, for
sale and will on this seventh day of October 1848, Unless, your honor, should and
allow your petitioner, to sue, for his freedom your
petitioner states, that at the time, he was on the
attachment aforesaid as the property, of said he was entitled to his freedom and of to have, been free, and absolved from mandatory servitude,, your petitioner states, that he was formerly,
the slave of Isaac VanHouton, a resident, of
St. LouisSt Louis aforesaid now deceased,, that said IsaacIsaac departed,
this life, in the in the early part, of 1847. after the death, of said IsaacIsaac the said CorneliusCornelius claimed, to
be the owner of your petitioner, and held, him in slave
ry up, to the time he was attached as aforesaid,. your
petitioner states, that he does not know, by what right