Alfred Taylor, a man of color v. Cornelius Van Houten
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or authority, the said CorneliusCornelius , holds or to
claim, your petitioner, as his slave. Your petitioner states, that in the lifetime, of the said petitioner, your petitioner,
was often by the said IsaacIsaac , that your peti
tioner, should be liberated, and set free, upon the pay
ment by your petitioner, of the sum, of eight, hundred
dollars your petitioner states, that he paid, to the said
IsaacIsaac , in his lifetime, two hundred and forty six
dollors and to the widow, of the said IsaacIsaac ,
at the of the said CorneliusCornelius the sum of ninety nine dollars and to the said CorneliusCornelius , the sum of
four hundred and fifty five, dollars making in all,
the sum of Eight hundred dollars, your petitioner states,
that the said CorneliusCornelius since, the death, of the said IsaacIsaac ,
and before the issuance, of the attachment in said cause
promised, your petitioner that he the said CorneliusCornelius
would in due time by proper and sufficient, liberate
and emancipate your petitioner, which promises and
the said CorneliusCornelius have, broken and wholly failed, to fulfil, and perform. Your petitioner states that he is in equity amd good, to his freedom
upon the ground that, he has paid to those owning, him as
a slave the amount agreed, that he should pay, and his
value, even if he were a slave your petitioner, further
states, that in the year, of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one or two the
the said Isaac VanHouton, took your petitioner, to the
state, of IllinoisIllinois, and at and
town in said state, the names, which are not known,
to your petitioner nor does, he know, the names of the counties, in which
said, towns are situated, but he knows, they are in the state,
of IllinoisIllinois, that said Isaac VanHouton, in the said town
of and other towns in said of , held
your petitioner, in slavery and invluntary servitude.,