Alfred Taylor, a man of color v. Cornelius Van Houten
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StateMissouri of MissouriMissouri,
county of St louisSt Louis

In, the st louisSt Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court ,
November term 1848

Alfred TaylorAlfred Taylor , a free man, of color,
the plaintiff, in this case, by his attorny
complains, of CorneliusCornelius Vanhouton LewisLewis Moutin, and Samuel ConwaySamuel Conway defendants,
of a pleas, of trespass for, that the said defendants on, the first day, of August in, the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and forty eight at St LouisSt Louis, in the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis aforesaid with,
and the said
plaintiff, to at the county aforesaid, and then and,
there seized, and laid hold, of the said plaintiff, and with great force, and violence,-
the said plaintiff, and the said plaintiff a great many
violent blows, and strikes, and also, then and forced, and compelled, the said plaintiff, to
and off of a then and
at the county aforesaid, to go in and to the Common Jail, of said County situated,
in the county aforesaid, and there then imprisoned, the said plaintiff, and kept and detained him,
in person, there without any reasonable, or probably cause, for a long space of time, to wit
from, that day witherto,
and still holds detains
and imprisons, the said plaintiff in the jail aforesaid,
to wit, at the at the county aforesaid against the law of,
our said state and against the will of the said plaintiff,
the said plaintiff, was greatly hurt and injured,
to wit, at the at the county aforesaid, the said plaintiff,
at of the
above stated he, was and still is,a free person,