Peggy Perryman, a woman of color v. Joseph Phillippi (Philibert)
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To the Hon Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton , Judge of the St Louis County Circuit, court

The Petition, of Peggy PerrymanPeggy Perryman respectfully represents, that on or about the
first day of december 1845 She residing with, her friends, in ArkansasArkansas, in the
enjoyment, of her freedom, and and civil rights,
to which she was entitled, her parents being,
free persons, her father, a free person of color, of
color in said state, and her mother who
was lawfully married, to her father an
Indian, of the Black Foot tribe. your
petitioner represents, that about that time
She was suddenly seized, by persons to
her before unkown, gaged and transported,
and finally sold, into servitude, that
her relatives, by the mother side and all not only
free since, the memory, of man, but and distinguished, among their tribe, - your
Petitioner represents, as such free person, she
is to her freedom from at
which she is now restrained, by JosephJoseph Philibert Wherefore, she
prays, in consideration, of the promises, she
may have had to sue as a poor person, in order to establish, her right to freedom
and that counsel, may be to her for
that, purpose and that such order be made
as to secure, her in the privelege, of presenting,
her said claims and, as in duty bound, she
will pray

PeggyPeggy ,



Sworn, to Subsribed, before me to this 5th of july 1848.

P.J. HowardHoward clk Criminal Court