Peggy Perryman, a woman of color v. Joseph Phillippi (Philibert)
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In Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis County,nov 1848

State of MissouriMissouri,
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis,

Peggy PerrymanPeggy Perryman a free woman of color complains of JosephJoseph Philibert of a plea of Trespass, for false imprisonment for that, at the city and County of St LouisCounty of St Louis and State of MO during the spring of 1847, your petitioner recollects the said JosephJoseph Philibert defendant then, and there, with force, and arms assaulted, the said PeggyPeggy , and then, and
there took, and
imprisoned, and her of her liberty and her, the
said PeggyPeggy held in serviude, from
the spring of the year,1847 at, which
time the present, time and still holds her, in such servitude without any reasonable or probably casue against,
the law of, the land and against, the will of her, the PeggyPeggy , and she, the said further, and declares that she before,
and at the time, of the committing of, the
said greivances, was and still, is a free person and, that the said Deft, held and still,
holds her, in servitude and slavery against,
the will of, and and to the great damage of the said PeggyPeggy , and therefore she sues,

Peggy PerrymanPeggy Perryman ,