Peggy Perryman, a woman of color v. Joseph Phillippi (Philibert)
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Peggy (of color)


In the circuit court,
of saint louis county,
April term, 1848

And this day comes the defendant and his, attorneys and moves the court, to dismiss the above potential suit, for the
following reasons

1st given
the commandment of , for casts might be
against for the as
is required the

2d Because no attorny, is given
the of statute to permit such a,
suit of one held as, a as a poor

3rd because, no suficient, reason
is for to make it,

4th because there, is in fact no suit pending for want of sufficientprocess

5th because there, is no unit,.

6th because there, is no service,.

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Attys for Deft.