Harriet Scott vs. Irene Emerson
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DEPOSITIONSof witnesses, produced, sworn, and examined, at , in the City and County of ; , before me, , Law Commissioner for the said County, in a^ twocertain causes now pending in the Saint Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court in the , between Dred ScottDred Scott & HarrietHarriet his wife, plaintiffs, and IreneIrene Emmerson , defendant, on the part of the Plaintiffs of lawful age, being duly sworn and examined on the part of the Plaintiff deposeth and saith:---

I didnât know Doct. Emmerson ; I was acquainted with Mrs. Emmerson . I have known her eight or ten or twelve years. I know the plaintiffs in these suits â they were in my service for two years about that time. I have known them some four or five years. They were under the control of Mrs. Emmerson â I engaged them of Mrs. Emmerson , but they were delivered to me by Mr. SanfordSanford , her father. Mrs. Emmerson claimed these negroes as her slaves. - so they were her slaves I do not recollect if I heard Mrs. Emmerson say they were her slaves I do not recollect if I paid for their services to Mrs. Emmerson or Mr. SanfordSanford as her agent. I think Mr. RussellRussell paid for their services.â I think it has been between 2 & 3 years since they left my house. âI think Mrs. Emmerson resided up the MississippiMississippi ^or MissouriMissouri river some years before they were in my service. At the time I hired these negroes they were in the service of . Bainbridge .-

Cross examination

The only way I know these negroes belonged to Mrs. Emmerson is that she hired them to me. I think it probable that Mrs. Emmerson & Mr. SanfordSanford , at times received pay for their services. I do not know if the plaintiffs resided up the MississippiMississippi or MissouriMissouri river. I do not know if Mr. SanfordSanford was the agent of Mrs. Emmerson or the owner of the negroes

A. Russell