Hester Williams, Priscilla Williams, and Mary Ella Williams, by and through their next friend, Jordan M. Early v. Frederick Norcum, et al.
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Court House Papers
St. LouisSt Louis

To the Judge of the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
of the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis and State ofMissouri

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The petition of HesterHester WilliamsWilliams
humbly represents, that in January D
1849 she known by the name of H Esther was the slave for life of F
Norcum and also has two children one
a girlagednow five years named MaryMary
Ella and the other afore named Priscilla
aged nine years. And that at said time
her then Master F Norcum, set her free
by granting to her and her two children
a deed of Emancipation, and your
petitioner represents that said
as she was informed and
has a force once free discharged from ser-
vice of herself and her the children
and your petitioners further charges that
she retained said deed of Emancipation
in her possession from the day of its
Execution some time in January 1849
up and [ untill ] on or about the seventh
of October AD 1853 when she at the request
of the said NorcomNorcom him the deed
to have the same recorded as hewas
informed that some further act had
to be done by the said NorcomNorcom , before the
said paper could be recorded, and
your petitioner states that said NorcomNorcom
toldherto come back on the next morn
ing & he would give her the said papers
properlyrecorded and certified, and
petitioner states that whenshe came

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to the saidNorcomNorcom for said paper that she
was informed that she was together with her
twochildren sold by the said Norcum to
one A. B. [ Macafee ] a negrotrader
by whom she was taken possession of
and is now confined in his negro yard
in the city of St. LouisSt Louis, and is informed
and verilybelieves that the said [ Macafee ]
intends forthwith to remove her
without thelimits of this state, and
jurisdiction of this court

Your petitioner further states that in
October 1849 and after the execution
of the deed of Emancipation she was
as a runaway, and F Norcum then who
was in the city of New YorkYork sent to her
to procure her released the certificate
hereuntoattached& made a part of this

And your petitioner prays that
an order may be permited by your Honor
to allowher tosue as a poor person
she having means&
that your Honor will also permit an
order that she may have reasonable
liberty to attend her counsel and the
Court as may require
and that a warrant may issue for
your petitioner the and
that she may have such reliefas well
as the lawprovides and the necessity
of the case .

HesterHester WilliamsWilliams by

Blackburn & McLean

her attys.