Hester Williams, Priscilla Williams, and Mary Ella Williams, by and through their next friend, Jordan M. Early v. Frederick Norcum, et al.
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Court House Papers
St. LouisCircuit Court

State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

St. LouisSt Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court
November Term 1854

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EllaElla Williams WilliamsElla Williams and
Priscilla WilliamsPriscilla Williams by them
next for Early
and HesterHester WilliamsWilliams Plaintiffs
FrederickFrederick Norcum
Granville Blakey
A BA B McAfee McAfeeA B McAfee and
WilliamWilliam E Moore
under the
statute for

Ella WilliamsElla Williams and Priscilla WilliamsPriscilla Williams
minors by their next friendJordanJordan MM Early
EarlyM Early and HesterHester WilliamsWilliams complains
of the above named defendants of a
plea wherefore the said defendants
withforce and armsmade an assault
upon the said plaintiffs viz on the
seventhofOctober AD 1853 at St. LouisSt Louis
on the county and State aforesaid
the said and then & there beat, bruised
& ill treated them & each of them and
then & there imprisoned them & kept &
detained them in prison without any
reasonable or probable cause, whatsoever
for a longtimeto wit for the space of
ten hours then next following contrary
to the laws & customs of this state the
said plaintiffs then & there being free
and being free for a long space of time
previous thereto viz for the period of
one year, and still being free persons

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[ tho ] the said defendants held and still hold
plaintiffs in slavery.

And otherwrongs to the said plaintiffs then
& there did to the great damage of the
said plaintiffs and against the peace
Wherefore the said plaintiffs say they
havesustaineddamages in the sum
of one thousand dollars & therefore
they sue


Blackburn & McLean
P attys