Hester Williams, Priscilla Williams, and Mary Ella Williams, by and through their next friend, Jordan M. Early v. Frederick Norcum, et al.
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Thereby recognizing and ratifying the previous
deed of manumission. all of which
will man freely appear, by reference to the
said certificate. marked (a) and made
a part of this petition

Plaintiff further charge that the defen-
dants McAfee & Blakey & Moore was before they purchased
plaintiff (if they have purchased them) aware
of all the facts set forth in this petition
and of the freedom of the plaintiff.
but not regarding their rights - both the
said defendants with force and arms
arrested the said plaintiffs. at
the Circuit aforesaid on the 9th day ofNovember October 1853. and then and there seized
and laid laid hold of the said plaintiffs
and with force and violence pulled and
dragged about the said plaintiffs and
then and there forced and compelled the
said plaintiffs to go from and out of
a certain public house situated and being
in the county of St. LouisSt Louis into the public
street there, and then and there forced and
compelled them to go in and along
several streets, to a certain negro jail
situated in the county aforesaid and
owned and kept by the defendant
McAfee, & Blakey Moore and then and there impris
-oned the said plaintiff without any
reasonable or probable cause whatsoever for
a long space of time and against the
will of plaintiffs.