Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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MaryMary a free woman
of Colour and children, Plaintiff
against Launcelot H CalvertLauncelot H Calvert , Defendant

State of MissouriMissouri
in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
of St. LouisSt Louis[ Count ]

Plaintiff states that she is
a free woman of colour and that she is a
free person and entitled to her freedom for the
reasons herein after stated to wit
many years ago when she plaintiff was a
child the exact time she does not know that
she was the slave and belonged to a man
named James BowdJames Bowd in the State of KentuckyKentucky
who was her master and owner and
that her said master and owner removed from
the State of KentuckyKentucky to the State of OhioOhio and
took her the plaintiff with him and there
continued and resided permanently in
said State of OhioOhio for more than one year
keeping plaintiff in his possession at his aforesaid
residence in the State of OhioOhio and therefore
Plaintiff Claims that on account of her
said residence in the State of OhioOhio that she
is entitled to her freedom and that she is a free
person. Plaintiff states further that after
her said residence in the State of OhioOhio that
she was carried back by the said James BowdJames Bowd again to
the State of KentuckyKentucky and remained a short time
and was put in the possession of one Bryson
Stilwell who brought her to this State where she
had been but a short time when she was sold by
the aforesaid BowdBowd to one WilliamWilliam P Owsley a
negro and slave trader and dealer and she was
immediately shipped by him the said Owsley from

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her residence and home at the time of sale, the
city of Hannibal in this State to the city of StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis by & in charge of one A. I. Butler also a negro and slave
trader and dealer plaintiff being then ignorant of
her right to freedom and that she was a free person and
upon its being made known to said Butler that
the plff was a free person he sent immediately
back to Hannibal where she removed sometime
and the contract for her sale having been rescinded
as she was informed, she was again sold by said BowdBowd
to one George. W. Harris and by HarrisHarris again to said
Owsley who sold & sent her to Dr. Bonnett of St. LouisSt Louis
and since the sale to Dr. Bonnett she the plff
has been put in possession of Lynch and
Tooley & the defendant in this suit who now has
her in possession and holds her as a slave and
various other persons all negro and slave traders
and dealers and to all of whom except the deft
in this suit plff has been informed she had been
sold and pretended sales all being made with a
view as plff believes to annoy and perplex her and
thereby make her abandon her suit for freedom
against the aforesaid HarrisHarris who is since the
dead commencement of said suit dead and
the suit has been dismissed by her attorney
at Hannibal in the Court of common pleas of said city by
order of Plff where suit had been commenced
against said HarrisHarris as aforesaid and plaintiff having
no certain knowledge of who is now her pretended
owner and master brings her suit against
defendant who now holds her in possession as
a slave as aforesaid.
Plaintiff also states, that